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Welcome to The Travel Genie, LLC

My name is Angela Gathings and I am the founder and owner of The Travel Genie, LLC.  I began my career in the travel industry as a corporate travel counselor which put me on a path that led me to leisure travel.  I fell in love with helping plan amazing experiences for others and educating them on the various ways we can experience destinations, cultures and people that satisfies our souls.  



The Big Who

The Travel Genie, LLC is a mobile boutique luxury travel planning service that accepts a limited number of clients so that we may ensure a quality experience with every interaction.  

The Big What

Since we believe time is our greatest non-renewable asset, we collaborate with those who value the luxury of having their time freed for other commitments while we curate perfect travel experiences with their needs, desires and vision in mind.

The Big Why

The Travel Genie, LLC believes everyone benefits when they utilize the professional services of travel professionals.  We want to help make the process of customizing an amazing travel experience as easy as possible.  We believe that we travel to learn not just about the cultures and destinations of the places we explore, but more importantly about ourselves.  Travel changes us.  And we love being a part of that change.