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10 Music Festivals (Besides Coachella) You Should Experience

10 Music Festivals (Besides Coachella) You Should Experience

     I know, you're thinking Coachella isn't until April 2019 and we are well underway for all of the music festivals happening throughout the summer so why bring this up now.  Well, for you to plan for 2019 of course.  I want to highlight my picks of music festivals you should check out instead of Coachella.  Of course, Coachella is Coachella and is probably on your radar or already crossed off your list as a BTDT - been there done that - but there are some other amazing festivals you should be experiencing as well.

     Secret Solstice Festival - Reykjavik, Iceland

Secret Solstice Festival is on my radar and has been for the past few years.  Why?  Not only is it an international music festive, who wouldn't want to party in a glacier, experience a geothermal pool party or rock out in a lava cave?  Yeah, I know, mind blown!  Check out the list of last festival's line up here:

     Best Kept Secret - Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands

If you are an indi music lover, then, this festival is for you.  This festival is set in Safaripark Beekse Bergen and you can even camp there (don't worry about the wild animals, you are no where near their habitat).  Why wouldn't you want to check out such a cool event and have a cool experience?  They have dates for next year so check them out here:

     Dimensions Festival - Fort Punta Cristo; Pula, Croatia

Yes, you read that right, this festival is inside of a 2000 year old fort.  And did I mention there are boat parties and a moat venue for this underground electronic and urban based lineup music festival?  You can thank me later.  In the meantime to get more information, you can click here:

     New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival - New Orleans, LA

Do I need to say more?  It's jazz.  It's NOLA.  It's heritage.  Check it out here:

     Snowbombing - Mayhofren, Austria

If you like raves in igloos and enchanted forest parties then this is the music festival for you.  2019 marks the 20th anniversary for this festival.  This festival has it all, DJ's, hundreds of acts and snow.  Check out next years dates here:

     Vujaday - Barbados

This festival will be in it's second year next year and is perfect for breaking yourself into the music festival scene.  Here you will not only be able to take in the music but you will also have many opportunities during this festivals five day run to inhale the culture of the island.  Check it out here:

     Main Square Festival - Arras, France

This eclectic festival is held in a historic citadel over a three day span.  Check out some of the past artists who played this unique venue here:

     Tomorrowland Festival - Global

This isn't any ordinary festival, this festival is a feast for the eyes and is an experience that surrounds you with a different theme every festival.  Oh, and the locations change which will probably keep you returning.  March 2019 takes you to Alpe d'Huez, France where only Tomorrowland ticket holders will have access.  Check out the dates and packages here:

     Afropunk - Global

Afropunk Festival started in response to not fitting the status quo of the punk rock and is now a movement of musical and cultural experience that embraces black culture.  Starting in Brooklyn, NY this festival has now spread to venues in Atlanta, London, Johannesburg and Paris. You can check out dates and artists here:

     Elevate - Graz, Austria

This techno festival is housed all over the city in very unique venues such as a tunnel, dungeon and mausoleum.  Elevate seeks to inspire social change.  Check out the site for dates and the lineup here:

     Are there festivals that you think should have made the list?  Drop the names in the comments and when we do another Top Ten, we'll see if your suggestion can make the cut.  








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